Why Cinema Advertising?

Is YOUR Audience doing any of the following:


Ours Isn’t!

We live in a world full of distractions. We can record TV shows to watch them later WITHOUT the commercials. We can use the remote control to see what else is on during a commercial. We can text our friends and do a number of other things when we watch TV to avoid the advertisements.

When we go out of our homes to watch a movie we leave all those distractions behind! In fact, we are forced to sit in a chair facing forward, shut off our phones and we can’t use the remote control to flip channels when the ads appear before us, larger than life on a 40 foot wide screen.
Go Where Your Customers Are:


We may not all go to a professional sporting event or amusement park this year but it is almost certain that we will all go out to see a movie.

We create and deploy cinema advertising in your local neighborhood, around your state and nationally!

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