The most common question we receive is “What does it cost to advertise in the movie theater?”. Before we give the rates we ask a question of our own. Our question is “Should you be advertising in a movie theater” and the answer depends upon your business. We love to help our clients’ produce cinema advertising and to run those ads locally, regionally or nationally but only when it is appropriate for that specific business.

Here are some things to consider before you jump into cinema advertising:

»  Movie theater advertising is targeted geographically.
»  Movie theater advertising is not targeted demographically.
»  People of all ages go to movie theaters.
»  Men, women, children and seniors all go to movie theaters.
»  We go to movie theaters near our homes.
»  We go to movie theaters when we are on vacation.

If for example you own a business in which your only clients are women and mostly women in a specific age such as 25-40 then maybe movie theater advertising isn’t the best option for you. You would of course realize that a portion of your advertising dollars are wasted on all men and on those females that are too young or too old to buy your products or services. However, this doesn’t rule out movie theater advertising altogether as a viable option. There may be some other reason why having an ad running in the local cinema might work out very nicely for your business. For example if your place of business is in the same shopping center as the cinema then you may be willing to accept the fact that a portion of your advertising dollars are wasted on people who can’t possibly use your services. We would want to consider other advertising opportunities first and then make a decision about your specific business while keeping your advertising budget in mind.

Movie theater advertising is ideally suited to businesses that are located near the theater which offer products or services which can be used by almost anyone.